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    We are a Bible Believing Ministry, sent out of Faith Baptist Church, Pell City, AL.

    Our Local Home Church is Charity Baptist Church, Cantonment, FL


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    Mission Statement

    Here, our Program is not only healing, but curative as well.  Daily teaching of Biblical Characteristics, which includes respect for authority, work ethics, responsibility for their actions, self-respect, and most importantly a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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    The Marvelous Grace Girls Academy is a minimum 12 Month Program that incorporates Bible teaching, character training and respect for family.   We will help girls whose lives have been broken off, separated from family, even while living in their own home.   We wish to gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost! (John 6:12).

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    From one of our Girls

        Kay Kay....

    Kay Kay


    Iím 17 years old.  I came to MGGA when I was 14.  I have gone through a lot back at home.  Sometimes I think about it and wish I could go back and make better choices as to not to be sent to MGGA, but, I have to keep moving forward.  I see, now, it was Godís plan for me to come to MGGA.  The reason was for me to get SAVED!  My Mom and I have the best relationship now.  I thank The Blankenship Family for having a part in restoring our relationship, but the most important one who helped us was God.  I am now aware that God was watching over me back at home.   Just the fact that I am still alive and breathing today!  If thatís not love, then I donít know what it is!  My past haunts me sometimes, and affects my emotions, but my God is my Helper.  I thank The LORD for who and what I am today and for bringing me this far.  Iíve come too far to turn back now.




  • Quote of the Month 

    "In measuring the woman's power, you have evidently forgotten to take into account the woman's God"

    Mary Slessor

    Pioneer Missionary to Africa