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    We are a Bible Believing Ministry, sent out of Faith Baptist Church, Pell City, AL.

    Our Local Home Church is Charity Baptist Church, Cantonment, FL


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    Mission Statement

    Here, our Program is not only healing, but curative as well.  Daily teaching of Biblical Characteristics, which includes respect for authority, work ethics, responsibility for their actions, self-respect, and most importantly a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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    The Marvelous Grace Girls Academy is a minimum 12 Month Program that incorporates Bible teaching, character training and respect for family.   We will help girls whose lives have been broken off, separated from family, even while living in their own home.   We wish to gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost! (John 6:12).

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    From one of our Girls




    Early from Birth, my Mother did not have good behavior or good care of me.  The State took custody of me, where I lived in three different Foster Homes.  At Nine years of Age, I was Adopted by my family.  Oh, they loved me and cared for me from the very start!  This Adoption was the happiest day of my life…however, after about nine months, the “honeymoon stage” was over.  My first suicide attempt really surprised my Mother.  She began seeking help for me.  I started cutting my arms and legs.   I have been countless times to Behavioral Hospitals, Residential Treatment Centers, Therapist Counseling, etc.  I have been placed on so many Behavioral Medications;  I cannot keep up with them.   At my last RTC, about the seventh month mark, I began acting crazy until they discharged me.  Then I came to Marvelous Grace Girls Academy.  At first I hated it.  I made false professions of faith hoping it would get me out of here.  It didn’t.  I threw fits, and broke every rule…every time…all the time.  But, God!   On May 5th, we were at a service and a Preacher was preaching on, “Are you serving God who is failing to live up to your expectations?”  I got convicted, and I got on my knees, humbling myself and accepted Christ as my personal Saviour.  I never will regret doing it.  He has helped me so much in the last few months  I love Him dearly.




    Hello Steven and Tanya!

    I wishing you every happiness and holiday season and throughout the coming year.

    May the beauty of the season bring you peace and joy  and a very happy New Year!


    My daughter is fine. She is part time working in a Coffee Bean cafe. She is not in the college yet,

    but I hope she is going soon. She is not smoking and not drinking. She is good in mind.

    We have  a  better  relationship with each other now. I think your school has helped her so much.

    She keeps a Bible under her pillow and is  sleeping with the Bible all the time. It's her main

    book today.  I hope that this school will help the others girls too.


    Thank you, thank you  very much Steven. I very appreciate you for everything.

    Quote of the Month 

    Andrew Fuller: "There is a gold mine of souls to be dug for in India"

    William Carey "I will go down the mine, if you will all hold the ropes for me."