"Gathering Up The Fragments That Remain"

    Due to recent confusion concerning the History of Marvelous Grace Girls Academy, please be advised that this property at 3111 Zepp Lane, Pace, FL 32571 had been used by two other ministries prior to the founding of MGGA.  This Property at 3111 Zepp Lane, Pace, FL 32571 was vacant for 3 years, until MGGA was established here.   Marvelous Grace Girls Academy has neither relationships nor affiliations with any other Ministry that was here at this address before us.



    We are a Bible Believing Ministry, sent out of Faith Baptist Church, Pell City, AL.

    Our Local Home Church is Charity Baptist Church, Cantonment, FL


    Phone:  850-995-7006  |  Fax:  888-995-9777  email: contact@mgga.us


    Mission Statement

    Here, our Program is not only healing, but curative as well.  Daily teaching of Biblical Characteristics, which includes respect for authority, work ethics, responsibility for their actions, self-respect, and most importantly a saving knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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    The Marvelous Grace Girls Academy is a minimum 12 Month Program that incorporates Bible teaching, character training and respect for family.   We will help girls whose lives have been broken off, separated from family, even while living in their own home.   We wish to gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost! (John 6:12).

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    From one of our Girls

    I had already been in two Mental Institutions for contemplating suicide.  This time I was going to kill myself and there was no way of stopping me.  I took a ton of medication and that night, I went to sleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night and went to my Moms bedroom.  I hit my head on the dresser because I felt very dizzy.  Mom found Marvelous Grace Girls Academy!  I would like to give all honor and praise to The LORD for a great plan of Salvation.  I was SAVED on July 05, 2013 on a Friday Morning.  It was during our Missions Conference at MGGA.   Missionary Jeremy Holloway was preaching.  I felt conviction in my heart and told Brother Blankenship that I needed to be SAVED.  He took me into the kitchen and showed me some verses about Salvation; he asked me what they meant to me.  Right there, I called upon The Name of The LORD and I was Born Again!


    Quote of the Month 

  • "There is no panic in heaven, only plans" -Corrie ten Boom